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Situated on 14 islands connected by 54 bridges, Stockholm is one of the most beautiful cities in Scandinavia. Its distinctive geography and grand historical monuments contribute to its beauty. Sweden's capital seamlessly blends the contemporary Nordic lifestyle with areas like Gamla Stan, where time appears to have halted. Explore the multifaceted charm of Stockholm!

Why visit Stockholm?

Stockholm breathes art and culture in every nook. Notably, the Swedish capital hosts the world's longest art gallery—the Stockholm subway. The subway stations' tunnels showcase unique works of art seldom found elsewhere, adding an extra allure to a visit to Stockholm.

For music enthusiasts, ABBA The Museum provides a delightful experience where one can sing along to the tunes of one of the most influential bands in history. This interactive museum allows people to revisit the musical journey of the Swedish band and delve into the lives of its members.

Literature enthusiasts can immerse themselves in the alternative atmosphere of Södermalm, a neighborhood associated with the protagonists of the Millennium saga. Beyond its literary connections, Södermalm stands out as a prime shopping destination in Stockholm, offering avant-garde design items.

With a rich nautical heritage, Stockholm proudly houses the Vasa Museum, showcasing the world's best-preserved seventeenth-century ship. Rescued from the sea after 333 years, this vessel has evolved into a major tourist attraction in Stockholm.

Where do I start?

At the heart of Stockholm lies the Old Town, Gamla Stan, serving as the vibrant center of the capital. Its labyrinthine cobblestone streets beckon exploration, revealing charming antique stores, brightly colored historic houses, and iconic landmarks such as the Cathedral of St. Nicholas—an unwavering witness to Stockholm's history.

Exploring Stockholm goes hand in hand with savoring Nordic gastronomy. To truly experience the capital, indulging in dishes like herring, salmon, moose stew, or the renowned kottbullar meatballs is a must. In Stockholm, delighting the palate becomes a flavorful form of sightseeing.

The Royal Palace and Stockholm City Hall are the city's two most impressive monuments. Within the City Hall's Blue Room, the annual banquet for the Nobel Prize winners takes place, with the laureates also honored in their dedicated space—the Nobel Prize Museum. Additionally, Stockholm boasts must-visit museums like the National Museum, the Viking Museum, and the Moderna Museet.

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