Where to eat in Stockholm

Where to eat in Stockholm

Find out the top restaurants in Stockholm for every budget and the best streets and districts to dine in. Delve into Swedish gastronomy and explore the premier eateries in the capital.

Typical Swedish dishes

Explore the flavors of Stockholm with these iconic Swedish dishes:

1. Kottbullar: These are the renowned Swedish meatballs, familiar from Ikea menus. Served with sauce, potatoes, and cranberries, you can find them in nearly every Stockholm restaurant.

2. Kroppkakor: Enjoy potato croquettes filled with pork or onion, often served with cranberries or mustard, showcasing a simple yet delightful dish.

3. Herring: A staple in Stockholm's cuisine, herring is commonly served marinated with vegetables. For a unique experience, try the infamous canned herring (surströmming) known for its distinctive smell.

4. Salmon: Reflecting the Nordic influence, salmon takes various forms in Stockholm's dishes, such as smoked, marinated, in soups, or salads.

5. Råraka: Delight in a meat toast featuring caviar and potatoes, a popular choice among Stockholm locals.

6. Moose Stew: Älggryta or moose stew, a beloved meat option in Sweden, often comes with accompaniments like carrots or mushrooms in Stockholm restaurants.

7. Biff Lindström: Resembling a hamburger but with a mix of sweet and salty flavors, Biff Lindström is served sans bread in Stockholm, typically accompanied by beets and capers.

8. Kanelbullar: Indulge in Sweden's quintessential sweet—rolled cinnamon buns adorned with sugar pearls or nuts, highly coveted by locals.

9. Chokladboll: Small chocolate, cocoa, coffee, and coconut balls, perfect for pairing with coffee in many Stockholm bars.

10. Smörgasbord: Embrace the Swedish buffet tradition with Smörgasbord, a variety of unlimited dishes offered at a fixed price in numerous Stockholm establishments, a popular culinary concept in the city center.

Best places to eat in Stockholm

While dining options are scattered across Stockholm, areas like Gamla Stan, the tourist hub, boast a wider variety. Old Town hosts numerous Swedish and international restaurants featuring the dagens rätt, or dish of the day.

For another unique culinary experience, explore Drottninggatan or Kungsgatan in Norrmalm, the modern district. These streets teem with fast-food chains, international eateries, and other budget-friendly options.

Near the Nybrokajen ferry stop, the harbor area is a seafood haven, offering many restaurants specializing in fresh fish. It's an ideal locale for eating salmon and herring in Stockholm.

For diverse culinary preferences, Östermalmshallen, the covered market, is a treasure trove—from traditional Stockholm dishes to pizza and fruits, this market caters to every taste.

Near iconic landmarks in Stockholm, street food stalls beckon with hot dogs, kebabs, and fast food, providing affordable dining choices to suit every budget.


As you stroll through the city, you'll find the term 'fika' written on numerous cafes and restaurants in Stockholm. A Swedish tradition, fika entails taking a break from work to enjoy a cup of coffee paired with a sweet treat. Embracing fika has been shown to rejuvenate the mind, enhancing productivity at work—a practice well understood by the Swedes!

Meal times

When dining in Stockholm, it's important to note that the schedule differs from other European countries. In Sweden, lunch is typically enjoyed at 12 noon, while dinner is served at 6, similar to many English-speaking countries. Just keep in mind that it can be challenging to find restaurants in Stockholm that offer dinner service later than 9 pm.