Where to stay in Stockholm

Where to stay in Stockholm

Explore the top neighborhoods to stay in Stockholm and find the best accommodations, including apartments, hostels, and hotels. Identify the perfect lodging option that aligns with your preferences.

Best places to stay

Stockholm, known for its high living costs, offers diverse accommodation options across various areas to cater to different budgets and preferences. For the most charming experience, consider staying in Gamla Stan, the historic district that offers scenic harbor views, numerous restaurants, and close proximity to key attractions like the Royal Palace and Nobel Museum.

If a more contemporary setting is your preference, Norrmalm is an excellent choice. This modern neighborhood, full of shops, offices, and varied accommodations, offers the convenience of being near Stockholm Central Station, facilitating easy access from the airport.

For a trendy and cost-effective stay, explore Södermalm, renowned for its hipster ambiance, art galleries, cafes, and bars. This district provides a plethora of hotels and accommodations at more affordable rates compared to the central areas of Stockholm.

Hotels in Stockholm

Securing accommodation in Stockholm becomes more cost-effective when booked well in advance. It's advisable to make your hotel reservation ahead of time to avoid higher last-minute prices. On average, a double room in a conveniently located hotel can be found for around 110 EUR.

For the best deals, with potential discounts of up to 75%, consider checking out the link below. This website provides a minimum price guarantee on all hotels, ensuring you access the most competitive rates available.

Apartments in Stockholm

Given the elevated costs in the city, lots of travelers choose to book an apartment in Stockholm to save some money. This option allows for group stays, the convenience of cooking, and independence from set schedules.

Check out the link below for a diverse selection of apartments, all with a guaranteed minimum price:

Hostels in Stockholm

Hostel options in Stockholm are diverse, making them a preferred choice for many young travelers. Shared room rates are typically around 20 (US$ 21.50), offering a cheaper alternative to hotel stays.