Gamla Stan (Old Town)

Gamla Stan, the Old Town, is the quintessential Stockholm experience. This area features a wide range of museums and monuments that top the list to explore during your visit.

The origins of Stockholm

The city's roots trace back to the 12th century when initial settlements emerged in today's district of Gamla Stan. It predominantly stands on Stadsholmen Island but extends to neighboring islets: Riddarholmen, Helgeandsholmen, and Strömsborg.

Gamla Stan encapsulates Stockholm's history through its winding cobblestone streets lined with ancient houses and age-old monuments. Known for its charm, this area boasts numerous cafes, restaurants, and craft and antique stores.

Key attractions in Gamla Stan

1. Stortorget: A picturesque square showcasing colorful medieval houses. This square is famous for historical events like the Stockholm Bloodbath.
2. Nobel Museum: The former Stock Exchange building, which today is the Swedish Academy, is where you'll find the Nobel Prize Museum.
3. St. Nicholas Cathedral: The city's primary cathedral housing the sculpture of St. George battling a dragon.
4. Royal Palace: A grand architectural feat marking the entrance to Gamla Stan.
5. Marten Trotzigs Gränd: A unique attraction, this is of the world's narrowest alleys, less than a meter wide.

An absolute must

Gamla Stan is the soul of Stockholm, preserving its essence and history along its ancient streets. The best way to explore the Old Town is to wander through its narrow roads, admire the historical architecture, and let yourself be transported back to Swedish life centuries ago.