Stockholm City Hall

Stockholm's City Hall is a must-see not only for its grand red brick design but also for its historic significance as the venue for the annual Nobel Prize banquet.

Stockholm City Hall, known as Stadhuset, is a must-see landmark on Kungsholmen Island. Its elegant red brick architecture, reminiscent of Venice's palaces, makes it an iconic part of the cityscape.

The three-crowned spire atop the Town Hall tower is visible from nearly every corner of Stockholm, endearing it to locals for its rich history and captivating interior. The city hall hosts around fifty weddings every Saturday, each ceremony lasting no more than 6 minutes.

Within Stockholm City Hall, there are two exquisitely adorned rooms: the Blue Hall and the Golden Hall. Architect Ragnar Östberg initially envisioned the main hall adorned with blue tiles and expansive windows reflecting the sky. However, due to Stockholm's often cloudy weather, the idea was turned down and the hall ended up with a red brick interior while retaining its original name, the Blue Hall. The Blue Hall houses Scandinavia's largest piano organ.

Nobel Prize Banquet

The Nobel Prize Banquet garners global attention each December. This prestigious event unfolds in the Blue Hall, bringing together laureates, nominees, jurors, and Swedish royalty for a distinctive evening of dinner and dancing.

The Golden Hall hosts the subsequent ball, distinguished by its walls embellished with 18 million gold tiles narrating Stockholm's story.

Climb the Stockholm City Hall Tower

Ascend the Stockholm City Hall Tower for a panoramic view of the Swedish city from a soaring 160 meters (525 feet). At this height, Stockholm's skyline merges with the sea, emphasizing its nickname as "the Venice of the North."

The Stockholm City Hall Tower welcomes visitors daily from May to September, with an entrance fee of 80 kr (US$ 7.60); children under 11 enter for free.

Guided tours

Please note: While Stockholm City Hall is accessible for visits, it's an institutional building, not solely a tourist attraction. Therefore, guided tours offered by the City Hall itself, available in various languages, are the only way to explore the premises. Tour schedules vary by season, so we recommend checking the official website of Stockholm City Hall for up-to-date information.


Guided tours in English: every hour from 10 am - 3 pm


Guided tours:
Adult: 140 kr (US$ 13.20)
Senior/Student: 120 kr (US$ 11.30)
Youth 7-19 years old: 60 kr (US$ 5.70)
Child 0-6 years old: Free


Bus: lines 3 and 53
5-minute walk from Stockholm's Central Station