Monuments and attractions

Monuments and attractions

Explore Stockholm's essential landmarks, must-see stops on your visit to the Swedish capital, including Stockholm City Hall, the Royal Palace, Södermalm, and the Old Town (Gamla Stan).

Tourist attractions

Gamla Stan

Gamla Stan is the oldest part of Stockholm and the birthplace of the city. Visit its historic buildings, museums and the famous Stortorget Square.

City Hall

Discover the iconic Stockholm City Hall, renowned for its role in hosting the prestigious Nobel banquet. Find details on pricing, opening hours, and more.

Royal Palace

Explore the Royal Palace, among Europe's largest, and a top attraction in Stockholm. Discover its visiting hours and how to see the changing of the guard.


St. Nicholas Cathedral is the oldest church in Stockholm and one of the most important sights in Gamla Stan. Find out opening hours, prices and more.

Swedish Parliament

The Riksdag is the seat of the Swedish Parliament in Stockholm. Find out how to visit the Riksdag and immerse yourself in the history of Swedish democracy.

The Riddarholmen Church

Riddarholmen Church is one of Stockholm's most visited churches and serves as a mausoleum for Sweden's kings. Info on prices and hours of Riddarholmen.


Södermalm is Stockholm's most alternative & bohemian district. Find out what to see in Södermalm and how to get to this area ideal for eating & shopping.


At the heart of Stockholm lies Kungsträdgården, the city's most famous park. Explore its offerings, like concerts and a skating rink—discover it all!


Stockholm's subway is one of the most used transport systems in the city, and the stations are true art galleries. Info about lines, schedules, and fares.