Top 7 Castles In Stockholm


Stockholm is the capital city of Sweden with plenty of cultural and historical heritage. Medieval buildings, numerous attractions and great shopping opportunities… It is all about Stockholm. Its castles are only one of the reasons to visit the capital of Sweden. Below is the list of the most outstanding castles in Stockholm:

  1. Rosendal Palace 
    This palace located on a Djurgården island is a great example of Swedish Empire style. It was built for the King Karl XIV and is nowadays the royal residence. All the furniture and textiles in the palace were designed and manufactured by Swedish artists. 
  2. Rosersberg Palace
    It is one of the royal residences in Sweden. It is a well-preserved royal palace located on the shores of Lake Mälaren. It was built in 1630s. The palace boasts of having an incredible garden designed in French baroque style. 
  3. Ulriksdal Palace
    It is a royal palace located in the National City Park. It is only six kilometers from Stockholm. It was built in 1644 by the project of Hans Jacob Kristler. It is the first building in Sweden with a mansard roofing. It is very often referred as Jakobsdal after his owner Jacob De la Gardie. The palace as we see it today is the work of Nicodemus Tessin the Elder.
  4. The Royal Palace
    The Royal Palace in Stockholm is known all over the world for being the largest Palace in Sweden consisting of more than 600 rooms. It is nowadays the official residence of the King of Sweden. The Palace itself and the museums in it are open for public. The visitors can explore the Armory with coronation carriages and royal costumes. The most famous attraction of the Royal palace however is the daily changing of the guards.
  5. Tullgarn Palace
    Tullgarn palace is a royal summer residence located in the Trosa archipelago. Built in 1720s it is a well preserved palace represented by a great mixture of rococo, Victorian and Gustavian styles. It is a very popular place among Swedish royalty. 
  6. Skokloster Castle
    The history of the castle dates back to the 17th century. It is the biggest private palace in the country. It is one of the greatest baroque castles in Europe. It was designed by the architect Nicodemus Tessin the Elder. It boasts of a picturesque location on the Lake Mälaren. In 1967 it was sold to the Swedish government and since then became an open air museum. 
  7. Gripsholm Castle
    Gripsholm castle also belongs to the Royal Castles in Sweden. It has an incredible garden and contains different elements of interior from the 4th centuries. The main attraction in the castle is the Swedish Portrait Collection. It includes the portraits of such outstanding people as Ingrid Bergman and Greta Gabo.