Stockholm Nightlife


Stockholm is an example of responsibility and tolerance and it is said that it’s pretty difficult to find a place that would be still open after 11 pm.

And even restaurants, pubs and supermarkets close pretty early.

Though Stockholm is known as a calm city it surely has places that rock. Such places were found and promoted by one of the most respected PR agency – Stureplan. Stureplan is a large complex of nightclubs that play different music, have different styles. Each Stureplan’s club is much more than just a point at Stockholm’s map. Every club is pleasing its visitors with the world class dance music, which is played by a special DJ collaboration – Swedish House Mafia. Swedish House Mafia is believed to be a top of an iceberg of Nordic dance music. Below is a list of the most extravagant Stureplan’s nightclubs in Stockholm.


Laroy nightclub opens Stureplan complex. It is famous for being a great place to warm-up. Most is done for young people, namely a brave design, large bar and 3 stages with mini bars where you can treat yourself with different cocktails and snacks.


Ambassadeur nightclub is a place for any taste. It will surely amaze you by its diverse in music and design. There are 3 large dance halls in the club. The white Ambassadeuris is the biggest stage in the club. Here you will find a democratic vocal house. The black scene is responsible for R’n’B and soul music and the golden one is the place for any taste as it performs most popular music hits.


For a long time Sturecompagniet was the most famous nightclub in Sweden. This truly legendary place is situated next to Ambassadeur nightclub. It has 4 large dance halls that play different music. The club is placed in a gorgeous building of XVIIII century. It has one of the most luxurious VIP room and a great variety of cocktails. 

Hells’ Kitchen

One of the rare places in the city that close very late, which is according to Stockholm, is 5 a.m. The club can be joined at night, but be ready to stay in a pretty long line that forms out of those who partied in Sturecompagniet nightclub. 

Spy Bar

Whenever you have a pause from wild dancing in nightclubs, you can go to a very nice and comfortable place where you can catch on your breath. This place is called Spy Bar. It is a small bar that has a strict face control, expensive drinks and almost home retro atmosphere. There is a place to play blackjack and 2 dancehalls that play all types of music.

White Room

White room is one of the latest clubs to be built in Stockholm. It has incredible style, which can be easily guessed from the name of the club. It is known for its artistic style, faery lights and high quality music.