Stockholm University


Stockholm University is a state university in Sweden. It started as a state college (Stockholm högskola) in 1878. It is famous for being the biggest and most prominent university in Scandinavia. It is usually associated with a name Sofia Kovalevskaya, who was the third women-professor in Europe. The university was numerously called one out of 100 best universities in the world.

Stockholm hogskola (college) was formed in 1878, which makes it the 4th oldest university in the country according to its age. Since 1904 Stockholm University is an official degree granting institution. Stockholm University has been granted with a university status in 1960, and since 1970 all of the main administrative procedures are being done at the main campus of the university – Freskati.

It is considered to be the largest university in Sweden not only according to its sizes but also by its student population. In a year 2010, the quantity of the students reached 50 000, 5 000 professors and 2 000 candidates.

Stockholm University has 5 main field stations that are located throughout the country. Askö Laboratory – is the biggest department that specializes in the marine research. Tarfala research specializes in climatological and glacial researches. It is situated in the northern part of Sweden, at the 1 135 meters above the sea level. Tjärnö field station is a marine biology department; Tovetorp field is the main field of ethnology. And the last one – Tullbotorp is a main field station, which specializes in botany.

Swedish university of Stockholm allows you to get free education in bachelor and master degrees. After the graduation, a student becomes more attractive for the potential employer, especially if it is a foreigner, he or she gets numerous advantages comparing to other candidates. Namely, large language practice, living abroad, abroad studying experience and Swedish higher education diploma, which is added to the diploma of the student's country.

Some of the programs allow a student to apply for the 4th year, sending a translation (Swedish, English) of an academic certificate instead of a diploma.

School year in Stockholm University consists of 2 semesters: a fall one (starts from the end of august till the beginning of January) and a spring one ( starts from the middle of January till the beginning of June).

The first level of education in the university is called “högskoleexamen”, it requires 2 years of studying. In order to get a bachelor degree, one should take an additional year, which is called "kadidatexamen"

To obtaine master degree, a student is required to take one more year “masterexamen”. This level is called “upgraded”.

PhD degree suggests taking two more years of studying, after which the student will take “doktorsexamen” .

Stockholm University is not only a large professional institution, but a wonderful place to spend your student years. Though, Stockholm is not as wild as most of big European cities, it gathers millions of students from all over the world who will broaden your life experience in cross-cultural communication and simply living.