Buckle your seatbelt as you are about to take a journey to the world beyond your imagination. Tickle your minds and feed your senses because in Cosmonova you are exposed to a kaleidoscope of adventure and wonder.

Cosmonova is an IMAX theater located in one of the most interesting cities in the world-Stockholm. Cosmonova Theater projects a movie through a fish-eye lens to an enormous screen. It has 12 000 digital sound affect that takes you directly to the center of the action, which gives you a stunning feeling of a real presence at the place and time of the action.

It features a gigantic dome-shaped screen and distinctive surround sound that makes every presentation worth experiencing. The projection dome is about 23 meters in diameter, with a total surface area of 760 sq meter.
The Cosmonova IMAX Theatre has a total sitting capacity of 262 seats. The chairs are also specially designed to make the  viewing more enjoyable.

Cosmonova features different types of movies, which can vary from a typical action to an adventurous human body exploration. At the theater, you may travel though the time and places. See the most distant countries and even travel to another galaxies.

It even provides free of charge cinema shows: each Friday, Cosmonova invites, previously registered on the internet viewers, to attend the show. After the movie, each has to fill the feedback form pointing out which of the show was interesting, fun, useful and which was not.

The main area of focuse of the theater is science. It can be any of existing school subjects: biology, science, algebra, chemistry etc. The main idea is to make every session interesting, to make people like each of the field of science. As most of the listed subjects are usually described as boring ones, Cosmonova IMAX Theater decided to show that everything depends on the way of presenting. This way, science becomes an exciting and thrilling journey to unknown planets and even inside the molecule.

Another important aspect of the theater is to stop pollution and to popularize such eco-saving methods as recycling. Cosmonova motivates people to keep our earth clean though showing various movies that touch this topic. It can be an educational film about evolution and extinction of animals or a journey to a magical world of water.

Cosmonova IMAX Theater is open Monday through Friday. The only restriction is kids under 5 years, alcohol drinks and smoking. As it is one of the biggest entertainments in the city, it is better to book seats ahead, especially if it is a holiday season like Christmas or other national Swedish holidays.